Indie Herbalist is a lifestyle blog dedicated to living and loving the life botanic through the practical magic of herbalism. Herbs offer a path to wellness that allows us to re-connect with nature and our bodies through botanical allies that have supported us for thousands of years. At Indie Herbalist, we celebrate the life botanic with gardening tips and tricks, herbal recipes to spice up the kitchen, and tutorials and DIY projects for the home herbalist. Explore the blog to find inspiration for creating your own vibrant herbal life.

About Agatha

Indie Herbalist was founded in 2011 by herbalist and author Agatha Noveille as a way to share her own experiences creating a vibrantly herbal life. She was inspired to love herbs as a child thanks to the gardens her grandparents tended, and naturally blossomed into an avid gardener with an interest in the herbal arts. Later on, Agatha turned to herbalism as a way to support her journey back to wellness after being diagnosed with Lyme disease ten years ago. Now in her thirties, she can’t imagine a life without herbs. Learn more about Agatha and get in touch with her here.

The Complete Guide to Adaptogens

The second edition of Agatha’s book, The Complete Guide to Adaptogens: From Ashwagandha to Rhodiola, is now available! This beautiful hardback edition with color photos features recipes made with herbs traditionally used to support mood, energy, immunity, focus, and more.  The recipes are practical and fun, and the book has something to offer for anyone interested in learning to make herbal elixirs, smoothies, snacks and more.